The Vitcas company is known for offering best quality products which ensure maximum safety in contact with fire or excessive heat. Among many other products, Vitcas offers a choice of refractory cements that are absolutely necessary in any fireplace or furnace.
It often comes a surprise to many people that even a typical wood-fired home furnace or a fireplace is capable of reaching excessive temperatures.

To be precise, the temperatures that…

To be precise, the temperatures that are often recorded go far beyond 1000C which is really a lot. Therefore, such a furnace or a fireplace has to involve some clever pieces of technology in order to keep everything safe and under control. This is precisely where the Vitcas company comes in with a choice of refractory cements and mortars.

Every furnace of a fireplace includes a number of bricks and we wholeheartedly recommend using the Vitset 45 in order to join them together. According to technical specification of the Vitset 45, this is an air setting cement especially designed to handle extremely high temperatures. The 45 is actually rated at 1700C which gives a lot of confidence and a proper safety margin. The Vitset 45 prevents your furnace or fireplace bricks for braking or even cracking when exposed to excessive heat.

As a result, using the Vitcas products contributes to a longer lifespan of fire products.