A fireplace or furnace clearly require a very special approach when it comes to the materials used in the construction process. Apparently, a typical fireplace easily generates temperatures in excess of 1000C which is why a fire cement is absolutely necessary.
Fire has a number of features that make people want to use all sorts of fireplaces and furnaces even though using gas-powered heating is simpler and much less problematic in general.

Apparently, we all love sitting next…

fire cement

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Apparently, we all love sitting next to a warm fireplace on a cold winter night. Therefore, more and more people choose to have one of those items installed in their living rooms. In spite of the fact that a fireplace generates an awful lot of heat that we don’t really want and we’re really interested in about 10% of its capabilities, it is still safe to use one thanks to the Vitcas heat protective materials. First of all, though, you must remember that a fireplace or furnace isn’t a typical design so a regular cement is out of the equation.

It is much more useful to…

fire cement

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It is much more useful to go for a fire cement which provides a great deal of heat and fire protection. As matter of fact, the fire cement reminds fireproof bricks a little bit which is why we recommend using it whenever you’re dealing with fire and excessive temperatures.