Vitcas ( is a class-leading manufacturer of all sorts of products designed to have a full control over fire and heat. In particular, the company offers an excellent choice of refractory cements which are capable of withstanding excessive temperatures and keeping your house safe.
Safety has always been of paramount importance to the Vitcas company.

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For years, a choice of top quality refractory, fireproof and heat resistant materials has been offered and this is how Vitcas has made its name as the class-leading manufacturer. It is even difficult to imagine the temperatures that occur even in a wood-fired furnace or fireplace. Before you know it, temperature rockets up to 1500C and without purpose-made refractory cements and bricks your fireplace wouldn’t even stand a chance. Therefore, we strongly recommend using Vitcas refractory cements such as, for example, the heatproof mortar.

The material in question is able…

The material in question is able to withstand temperatures up to 1400C which makes it perfect for home use. The mortar was especially designed to make a very strong bond both dense and insulating bricks of your fireplace. The mortar, of course, is air setting which means there aren’t any complex activities involved in making it set.