Thanks to manufacturers such as Vitcas, it is possible to deal with fire and excessive heat without endangering either yourself and your property. The company in question specialises in making a range of refractory materials which make every fireplace or furnace safe and efficient.
In spite of the fact that very few people actually realise the importance of fireproofing, experts and engineers have to think of materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without too much effort at all.

refractory cement


In particular, a typical wood-fired furnace…

In particular, a typical wood-fired furnace or a lovely fireplace in the sitting room are able to generate temperatures in excess of 1000C in no time at all. Given that, refractory mortars and cements have to be used when making such a furnace or fireplace. We particularly recommend the Vitcas range of refractories which is very comprehensive and suitable for all occasions, really. Perhaps the most universal refractory cement option is the Vitset 45 which is an air drying high alumina cement designed to withstand temperatures up to 1700C.

Of course, in order to achieve such results, one does have to stick to the manual and always use a 3mm bed for jointing fire bricks. The important fact about the Vitset 45 is that the mortar is ready to be used straight out of the box and no additional preliminary actions need to be taken.