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Features of Vitcas refractory cements

Vitcas ( is a class-leading manufacturer of all sorts of products designed to have a full control over fire and heat. In particular, the company offers an excellent choice of refractory cements which are capable of withstanding excessive temperatures and keeping your house safe.

Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards

The range of Vitcas products includes a choice of fireproof, heat resistant and refractory materials used whenever fire or excessive heat have to be managed. For example, the Vitcas vermiculite boards are widely used as top quality heat insulation.

A choice of Vitcas refractory cements

The Vitcas company is known for offering best quality products which ensure maximum safety in contact with fire or excessive heat. Among many other products, Vitcas offers a choice of refractory cements that are absolutely necessary in any fireplace or furnace.

Understanding fire-related risks

Before you start enjoying your fireplace, please take a while and familiarise yourself with all the fire and excessive heat-related risks. We all like sitting next to a fireplace on a frosty evening but we hardly realise the fact that temperatures inside reach and often exceed 1000C which is why special refractory materials are needed.

Dissolving problems with Vitcas

We all enjoy sitting next to a fireplace or having a family barbecue in the garden. However, after the fun ends, there’s quite a lot of cleaning up to do. Luckily, the Vitcas cleaning solutions are perfect for the job.