Before you start enjoying your fireplace, please take a while and familiarise yourself with all the fire and excessive heat-related risks. We all like sitting next to a fireplace on a frosty evening but we hardly realise the fact that temperatures inside reach and often exceed 1000C which is why special refractory materials are needed.
Although sitting down and enjoying a fireplace on a winter evening is very relaxing and calming down, we can’t forget even for a minute that this is open fire we’re dealing with.

refractory cement


It may come as a surprise…

It may come as a surprise to many but temperatures often exceed 1000C and this is where things get serious. In order to deal with the temperatures, a fireplace needs to be made of fireproof bricks jointed together with refractory cement. This is precisely the Vitcas company comes in with a line of refractory materials that were designed to keep you and your fireplace safe.

In particular, the refractory cements offered by Vitcas provide excellent protection against excessive heat and they make sure you only get as much heat as you need. Vitcas also offers high alumina cements designed to withstand temperatures up to 1700C which aren’t that unusual in big fireplaces or furnaces.