The range of Vitcas products includes a choice of fireproof, heat resistant and refractory materials used whenever fire or excessive heat have to be managed. For example, the Vitcas vermiculite boards are widely used as top quality heat insulation.
The Vitcas company has been around for many decades and over the years it has made its name by making some of the best materials designed to tame down heat and fire.

vermiculite board


It is surprising to know that we…

It is surprising to know that we come across high temperatures on a daily basis but we don’t quite realise it. For example, while sitting next to a lovely fireplace on a winter evening we don’t really think about the danger the fire and excessive heat can cause. Similarly, most people use their boilers without even thinking how hot the water inside is. Luckily, the Vitcas company offers a choice of premium quality heat insulation materials including the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards.

The board itself comes to life as a result of the exfoliation process.

In a nutshell, a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate is exposed to a lot of heat. The expansion that appears as a result of the heat treatment and the resulting materials is then used for heat insulation purposes. Of course, sometimes it is sensible to use its bulk form but most of the time vermiculite is processed to boards for easier management.